COLLABORATE -- multi user



  • Across locations [ various branches / depots / godowns etc. ]

  • Across stakeholders [ accountants, auditors, vendors, customers. ]

  • Across devices [ all data is stored on the cloud, not on individual machines. ]

As there is a SINGLE SOURCE of data ::
There is no confusion. All stakeholders view the same numbers.
Further there is no requirement of any synchronization among various depots / godowns / sites / branches. All data is real time integrated.
A user can post a voucher in city A, and the balances are updated across all locations instantaneously. Multiple users can access the same application from various locations and all view the correct latest updated values at all times.

Also collaborate with your vendors / suppliers, your customers and your auditor. Give them limited access to your data (live or for a fixed period). Portals enable Vendors and Customers to access (if privileges are granted) their own ledgers and view RFPs or old invoices, item specs, orders etc. The number of repeat queries are drastically reduced.

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