KISS :: Keep It Simple Stupid

GAINS provides a pre-configured system for individual accounts.
The essential modules are activated and the configuration is clean and smooth. Bells and whistles are cleared out, to simplify the task.
Simple, easy, elegant yet complete. Meets all business and statutory requirements : from fast and easy ledger creation, voucher posting upto generating BS PL TB and other reports (like Schedule 6) and filing of returns.

This allows the individual to concentrate on the main tasks of Accounting.
He / She does not get lost with the other more advanced / esoteric features of GAINS.

i.e. Only the MAIN Accounts module is activated.
Inventory module is de-activated by default and may be activated at will, if required.

Forms and modules which are de-activated (to simplify navigation) are :

  • Order Processing
  • Budgets
  • Cost Centres
  • Forex
  • Multiple sites / branches (or multiple depots / warehouses)
  • etc. etc.

Some individuals may use their PAN to run a Proprietorship, wherein more advanced features may be required.
They may opt for the next higher version of GAINS.

Other case studies :