Budgets / Cost Centres

 AAA access

GAINS incorporates the modules of Budgets and Cost Centers all the way from validations at voucher entry till reports.

  • Get alerts when budgets are exceeded

  • Monitor expenses by comparing actual expenses versus budgets :: monthly / quarterly / annual.

  • Ability to tag vouchers to multiple Cost Centres.

  • Cost centres can be grouped / tiered (3 -- levels).

  • Get an edge in business through insightful cost centre wise reports.

e.g. Consider a fleet (trucks) operator who needs to make a decision on which type of trucks should he buy. Rs X per ton-km for Tata trucks, Rs Y per ton-km for Mercedes, and Rs Z per ton-km for Ashok Leyland. If such details (both cost and revenue per fleet ype) are readily available, then making an informed decision becomes easy.