GST ready
  • Directly file GSTR 1,2 ,3 ... from GAINS.
  • No need to export to Excel or JSON and integrate with third party applications.
  • Guaranteed that you can file your returns in within 2 hours.
  • Directly interacts with the GSTIN portal -- no need to run the Government offline utility.
  • Secure and fast and within a closed system. No copies of your data are available with outsiders.

  • Ask us for a demo and you will be impressed.
  • Tried and tested. Secure and scalable. Fast and Easy.

Review and file GSTR 1,2,3 with ease

GST Summary

Get a MACRO bird's eye view of your data uploaded on the GSTN portal. Be informed and keep a tab on your :

  • Tax Liability Ledger
  • Input Tax Credit Ledger
  • Electronic Cash Ledger -- which gives the amount of tax paid
Drill down to see Party wise, item / HSN wise and invoice wise details
File for multiple states (separate GSTINS) from one cloud based system.
Do all this without leaving GAINS.

GAINS GST module is extremely feature rich

 AAA access

  • GAINS enables filing for multiple states (i.e. multiple GSTIN) from one site. Save time effort and money.

  • Tried and tested for thousands of vouchers per month. Rapid and secure.

  • GAINS is a closed system, not requiring export to other applications / parties, and thus ensures that only your finance team views / access your data.

  • Majority of your inward supplies of GSTR 2 are auto-reconciled. The rest can be easily identified through prominent colour codes.

  • Integrity checks validates all your data (including checking veracity of party GSTIN) to catch errors, so that repeated processes are not required.

  • Extremely user friendly . The GUI (graphic user interface) is made keeping the business user in mind -- enabling him to rapidly achieve (drill down/up between Macro and Detailed screens) an accurate return filing.

GST form snapshots