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Move your accounts to the cloud. The benefits are many. The increased productivity gains and the ease and flexibility of operations are to be experienced.

Your data is 100% safe. We are paranoid about safety. Anti virus software, firewalls and third party audits ensure state of art protection against hackers.
All data is backed up daily and co-located to insure against natural disasters. Data in transmission is encrypted and no data is stored on your machines / devices. In short we go the extra mile to ensure that your data is fully safe and secure.
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Data is backed up daily at around midnight (GMT + 5:30). It is also separately backed up weekly.
A mirror ensures backup availibity in case the backup hard disk is spoilt or crashes.
You may download your data at will. No technical assistance is required for the same. You may download ALL your data, or just part of your data. Further the download is available in multiple formats -- SQL, xml, xls, xml, csv etc.
No one can see your data unless you give them rights to see the data. Even our staff do not have access to your data.
As indicated in the Whitepaper on Security , your data is protected not just through a login and password, but add on security layers like OTP (2FA), IP locks etc. have been enabled to secure your data from prying eyes.
You can delete your data (part or full), only if you have Admin access. If the period is locked, you cannot delete data. You need to unlock the period first.
After deletion, if there is a change of decision and you wish to undo, we can help you restore the last backup. You can also delete and purge the entire audit trail of vouchers -- again only if you have Admin access.
Data entry Operators cannot view any report -- whether it is the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Trial Balance etc.
He / she only has access to the daybook or voucher grid. He / She can only view / edit vouchers posted in the given month or the last two months.
Yes -- Data from Tally © can be imported.
We have a user friendly utility which allows import of Tally master values and transactions. The entire process takes just a few hours.
GAINS costs as little as Rs 1,500 per annum (US$ 100 pa for foreign users) for an individual.
For companies the cost is Rs 4,000 pa (US$ 300 pa for foreign firms) only.
One time installation and set up fees vary from Rs 1,500 to Rs 100,000 for an individual / company / large multi site firms.
For large multi site pan Indian / global firms the cost is Rs 25,000 pa (US$ 2500 pa)
Please click here for details.
Yearly AMC charges are Rs 1,500 / Rs 4,000 per annum ($ 100 - 300 pa) for an individual / company.
There are absolutely no other hidden charges.
GAINS is incredibly robust. More than ten million vouchers have been posted on GAINS. Being intuitive, very little hand holding is required.
We support our clients through a multitude of channels -- Helpdesk, Email, Skype, Phone.
GAINS is a product. You can go live on it immediately. There is no lag time. You can start now.
For global / pan India multi site deployments with complex billing requirements, please estimate approximately 1 to 3 months for going live.
GAINS is incredibly intuitive. A comprehensive cross indexed online help file is provided to help users navigate the software.
We have created a multitude of videos on 'How to ...'
Additionally, we have regular webinars for our clients. Our helpdesk and phone support teams are always there to serve and solve / clarify queries.
Yes -- you may pay using credit / debt cards. We accept Master / Visa / Amex.
We also accept payments through Net banking (50+ banks), Bank IMPS, Cash Cards and wallets etc.
All electronic payments are secure and routed through the payment gateway of CC Avenue.
If there is no internet, you cannot view your data / post vouchers.
You can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot and connect via your mobile 3G / 4G. You may view data through your mobile app.
  • Forex transactions -- with the ability to handle base currency, ledger currency and transaction currency.
  • 3 tiered Cost Centre module. Employees as a built in cost centre to aggregate salary, loans, expenses etc. Employee wise.
  • Full fledged module on GOLD vouchers -- (Gold payment, receipts, fixing ...).

Modules on Forex, Orders, Budgets - Targets - Variance, Cost Centres, Employees may be enabled / disabled .
Yes. You can make GAINS very simple by de-activating all the modules that are not of any interest to you.
We have top level MACRO settings wherein you can activate / deactivate modules related to :
Inventory Orders Budgets CostCentres Forex Multisite Client-Vendor Portals etc.
GAINS processes vouchers serially. Vouchers are sent to a queue for processing. There will atleast be 1 milli second difference and vouchers will be processed in the order of the queue.
Thus 1 voucher will be saved before the other is posted.
The updated Closing Balances and checks on limits will apply before any voucher is saved.
GAINS is currently in use by hundreds of users in tier 2 and tier 3 towns of India -- with ordinary 2G/3G internet speeds. e.g. Ludhiana, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Trivandrum, Aurangabad, Nashik, Baroda (Vadodra), Guwahati etc.
GAINS has been designed to ensure that all forms are extremely light and works smoothly without the requirement of expensive high end leased lines or large bandwith.
GAINS has a mobile app -- Android and iOS (Apple). For security reasons -- this app may be accessed only by whitelisted mobiles.
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YES. International users &/or NRIs can effectively use GAINS, as it adheres to GAAP formats and standards.
We are in the process of being approved and accredited by various country based statutory authorities.
No problem. GAINS has an extensive Forex module.
GAINS allows voucher posting and reports viewing in multiple and differing : Base currency / Ledger currency / Transaction currency. e.g. ₹ $, € £ ¥
Exchange rate variations and forex gains / losses (realised or un-realised) are effectively addressed in GAINS.
Yes -- We accept payments through Credit Cards in 20+ foreign currencies. Besides we also accept inter bank wire transfers.
GAINS is multi lingual and can be deployed in Thai / Chinese and other foreign languages.
The CA module is free. 100% free.
Do get in touch with us if you would like to get a DEMO of the same and to partner with us for GAINS.
GAINS gives you a snap shot of all your clients and all the pending tasks (Consultant / resource wise) on a single page.
It has a full fledged CA module to help practising CA firms. For more details please click here.
Recommend GAINS to your clients because :
  • It is a modern, best in class, tried and tested software at a great price
  • It has all the benefits of a cloud based software
    -- more powerful and flexible both for your client and you (as an auditor)
  • Document scans can be uploaded on the cloud -- enabling audit without going to the clients site
  • Partner with us and earn as you refer multiple clients.
GAINS has hundreds of users. Many of them are first time professionals who do not have any advising CA. These professionals require the services of reputed practicing Chartered Accountant to guide them.
Our platform connects our clients to our partner CA firms.
There is no referral fee from either party to enable this connection.

Your data is safe and private.
Queries related to this point are the most prevalent. Do read the related whitepaper here or refer to the first tab on the left.

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