Attach Documents / Scans

Document Scans

Attach any document :     Word / rtf / text / pdf | Images (jpg / png ...) | Excel or PDF | Audio / Video files | ANY file type | ... etc.
Every voucher can have a document attached to it. So for all payments / purchases the vendor’s bill scan may be attached. The original invoice (pdf or alternate format) can be attached with every sales voucher. Audit headaches are minimized / removed.

Just click with your mobile (or use the scanner) and the image is auto compressed and uploaded on the cloud by the GAINS app !!

Your colleagues / finance manager / and your auditor or Chartered Accountant can view all the supporting documents for any Ledger / voucher.

Go paperless and digitise.

Just this one feature will save your Finance department an your Auditor hundreds of man-hours in locating supporting documents.

Check out some real / live examples of what ledger attachments look like along with our Document Grid. Image 1 is for our Document Grid in GAINS, Image 2 is for the Electricity (BEST) ledger and Image 3 is a Phone Bill attachment.