Security Blue Lock

PROTECT your data.
Multiple layers of security to guard against various threats ::

  • Hackers :: Virus / Trojans / malicious SQL injections / DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks ...
  • Natural Disasters / Server or hard disk crashes / forgotten, incomplete or obsolete Backups
  • Internal embezzlement of data
  • Unauthorized viewing of data by competitors / people outside your company
  • Restrict viewing of data as per seniority and role

Access is granted / denied based on :
One or more of the following parameters may be set ON or OFF
  • IP lock (Login only from authorised offices / static IPs)
  • Login and password
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) / Text message sent to mobile
  • Day and Time wise lock (Login on Mon - Fri/Sat only)
  • Period lock (Login only for current FY)
  • Machine lock (Login only from designated machines)
Mobile app is available only to whitelisted / registered mobiles

Level of access is based on the following parameters :
  • Site / Branch / Depot or warehouse
  • Modules / Forms / Reports
  • View / Add / Change or Edit / Export to excel / Delete
  • Post active / draft vouchers ( Create, Verify, Approve -- or -- Maker, Checker, Approver )
  • Limits : Cannot over ride ledger credit limits.
  • Audit lock. Cannot edit vouchers if period has been audited and locked.
The system maintains a background audit trail for all edits / deletes of all vouchers. Backup is automatic and daily / real time.
To learn more click the link >> Whitepaper on GAINS Security